Weekend Roundup: 75 Million Reasons Coinbase is Winning and Braintree’s BTC Payments Now Open in ...
Bitcoin Weekend Roundup from CoinTelegraph. - 42 min ago
Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex Denies Allegations of Insider Trading
Bitfinex CSO Phil Potter came under a cloud this past Thursday, after an interview in which he seemed to be admitting to insider trading at Bitfinex. The interview was contained in a podcast that was posted on Vocaroo, an online voice recording service. In the voice recording, Mr. Potter can be heard strenuously clarifying that [R... - 46 min ago
Searching for a Cryptocurrency Security Standard
Bitcoin companies continue to take a hammering from hackers. Where should they look for better security practices? - 57 min ago
Medical Marijuana: Industry that Needs Cryptocurrency (OP-ED)
A multibillion-dollar, “legal” industry like Medical Marijuana, whose network is spread across 23 US states and the District of Columbia, is still deprived of the very basic thing any industry The post Medical Marijuana: Industry that Needs Cryptocurrency (OP-ED) appeared first on NEWSBTC. - 1 hr 12 min ago
10 Newly Available Bitcoin Job Openings Worth Sharing
So you’re looking for a Bitcoin job. Fantastic! We can help you with your next big career move. Bitcoin startups need talented professionals to join their teams, and we’re bringing you new opportunities every week. Take a look at this week’s Bitcoin job listings and start applying. Also read: 10 Bitcoin Job Openings In the United Sta... - 1 hr 35 min ago
CoIntellect at BitcoinExpo 2015, COO: ‘Cloud Hashing is the Foundation of the Cryptocurrency Indu...
Yesterday January 24 was the first day of BitcoinExpo 2015 in London. The mining sponsor of this free-to-attend event is CoIntellect, a cloud hashing (mining) service provider, which has seen its own - 1 hr 49 min ago
Weekly Bitcoin Recap for January 25, 2015
Welcome to the first NewsBTC Weekly Bitcoin Recap, where we highlight our top stories of the week. Let’s take a look at the biggest headlines for the week of January 18 The post Weekly Bitcoin Recap for January 25, 2015 appeared first on NEWSBTC. - 2 hr 32 min ago
Winklevoss Twins Propose Fully Regulated Bitcoin Exchange
Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, leaders of Bitinstant’s seed funding, have proposed an idea that should shake a few heads in the bitcoin community. Many people use bitcoin for its decentralized and unregulated nature, but the Winklevoss Twins have proposed creating a regulated Bitcoin exchange in the United States. The Winklevoss... - 5 hr 12 min ago
Bitcoin News Site Coinfire Under Fire; Website and Twitter Account Hacked
As Billy Joel once said, “We didn’t start the [coin] fire…”  Okay, he didn’t exactly say that, but a fire in the digital currency world has indeed been started, and it The post Bitcoin News Site Coinfire Under Fire; Website and Twitter Account Hacked appeared first on NEWSBTC. - 7 hr 12 min ago

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Shapeshift Interview: Exchange Cryptocurrencies Instantly! - Shapeshift Interview: Exchange Cryptocurrencies Instantly! During the Miami Bitcoin Conference 2015, Bitcoinist was able to conduct several interviews and make new connections which will be posted for your reading pleasure at a later time. One of the contacts we met was Emily, a representative from Shape...
Reporter - 13 hr 55 min ago

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