Bitcoin Mining Pool BTC Guild Forced to Sell Due to Uncertain Bitcoin Regulation and Mining Centr...
BTC Guild won’t be shutting down. Not too long after the NYDFS had published it Bitlicense proposal guidelines, Michael, the owner of BTC Guild, had stated that he would shut the pool down if the regulations went into effect as proposed. On 10/31/14, he announced that he would be shutting down BTC Guild. While at first the [... - 39 min ago
Tackling the Difficult Bitcoin Market in the US: A Talk with Trucoin’s Brent James
When I first got interested seriously in Bitcoin, it was pretty hard to get. Many people were buying their bitcoins by sending money orders to addresses in Albania or Russia and hoping, based on the reputation the seller might have […] Tackling the Difficult Bitcoin Market in the US: A Talk with Trucoin’s Brent James is a story... - 2 hr 25 min ago
Fidor Bank Partners With Kraken to Create Cryptocurrency Bank
Fidor Bank, a German Web 2.0 bank, is partnering with Kraken to launch an initiative that will create a specialized bank for cryptocurrencies. The project aims to create a regulated and licensed financial service institution. The project will combine several products and services from various companies to offer a great variety of fin... - 4 hr 34 min ago
A Ten Trillion Dollar Bill from Zimbabwe Signed by Andreas Antonopoulos Is Being Auctioned For Ch...
The auction sales platform Cryptothrift announced the sale of  a ten trillion dollar Zimbabwean reserve note whose gains will be fully donated to the anti-sexual violence charity RAINN. This is the unusual auction taking place on the Australian marketplace, which features an auction sales system similar to its compet... - 4 hr 41 min ago
Fidor and Kraken want to create “world’s first cryptocurrency bank” by end of 2014
History’s first “specialized bank for crypocurrencies” might become real until the end of this year thanks to a new partnership formed by the German ‘web 2.0 bank’ Fidor and the well-known digital currency exchange Kraken. The two companies plan to enter the project’s first stage of development before the begi... - 4 hr 41 min ago
Mining Roundup: BTC Guild For Sale and ZeusMiner's Sudden Hardware Halt
BTC Guild has announced that it may close soon, while ZeusMiner is stopping development of its Volcano ASIC. - 5 hr 30 min ago
Six years ago, on a crisp fall morning much like today, Satoshi Nakamoto made a post to the Cryptography Mailing List. The post announced the Bitcoin white paper to the world.I've been working on a new electronic cash system that's fully peer-to-peer, with no trusted third party.The paper is available at: main properties:Double-spend... - 5 hr 41 min ago
Spanish Hotel Chain Kicks Off Bitcoin ATM Launch With Cocktail Party
A Spanish hotel chain launched a bitcoin ATM last night at a party attended by over 100 people. - 6 hr 8 min ago
Bitcoin Donations Support The Royal National Lifeboat Institution
The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is a charity institution that rescues people at sea in the British Isles. It saves on average 23 people every day, and since its inception in 1824 has saved 140,000 lives. The charity has come a long way since its founding. Three months ago, the RNLI began accepting Bitcoin […] The... - 6 hr 11 min ago
New cpuminer Fork With Multiple Algorithms Supported
If you have some spare CPU power for mining various GPU mineable algorithms along with the GPU mining rigs and use the generated heat to keep you warm at home this winter, then you might want to check out the new cpuminer fork from Tanguy Pruvot (source). This fork has support not only for the […] - 6 hr 12 min ago

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