Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee Claims Litecoin Does Not Need Development; Says Adding Gimmicks Does...
Charlie Lee isn’t one to often be outspoken, yet sometimes he tells the truth how he sees it. He has big ideas and is busy speaking at conferences, along with giving advice to other developers looking to following in the footsteps of Litecoin. So when he got into a Twitter argument with someone called Darth […] The post Litecoi... - 53 min ago
Reddit Gets its Own Digital Currency
Reddit is introducing its own cryptocurrency. Known simply as “Reddit Notes,” the company hired BitPay developer Ryan Charles back in September of this year to serve as Reddit’s new “cryptocurrency The post Reddit Gets its Own Digital Currency appeared first on NEWSBTC. - 1 hr 49 min ago
Why Bitcoin Apps and Bitcoin Speculators Need Each Other
Speculation about bitcoin's price is healthy, and it's the speculators who provide liquidity for miners and app development in the industry. - 1 hr 59 min ago
Bitcoin Behind Bars: Charlie Shrem Gets Two Years
25-year-old Charlie Shrem, the CEO of bitcoin exchange BitInstant, was sentenced to two years in prison this afternoon following a lengthy court battle.  Shrem recently pled guilty to aiding a The post Bitcoin Behind Bars: Charlie Shrem Gets Two Years appeared first on NEWSBTC. - 2 hr 20 min ago
Dispute Breaks Out Over Title of 'First Regulated Bitcoin Hedge Fund'
Since July, GABI has been widely acknowledged as the first regulated bitcoin hedge fund. Now a challenger has emerged to dispute this. - 4 hr 15 min ago
Google Cardboard Will Democratize Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality (VR) is all the rage, the next big expensive thing. Or it would have been, had Google not come along and made popular a lesser-known fact: that a VR headset doesn’t have to be all that fancy. The post Google Cardboard Will Democratize Virtual Reality appeared first on CryptoCoinsNews. - 4 hr 57 min ago
Deflation vs. Disinflation vs. USD strength
Arguments have been made for deflation, which is a decrease in the general price level of goods and services. Deflation technically occurs when the inflation rate falls below zero, causing a negative - 5 hr 25 min ago
What Bitcoin Can Learn From Mobile Money's Journey
Many of the greatest challenges faced by bitcoin today mirror those of its predecessor – mobile money. - 6 hr 0 min ago
The 'Adopt a Full Node' Service Relaunches relaunched this week. The service launched earlier this year to automate the process of deploying full nodes—an important piece of the Bitcoin network. - 6 hr 41 min ago
How Should We Regulate Bitcoin?
Wences Casares, founder of Argentina’s first Internet service provider, has moved into the Bitcoin market by founding wallet provider Xapo. He recently shared his views on Bitcoin regulation with the Big Think knowledge forum. Integrate Bitcoin into Existing Regulatory Efforts Casares offers a simple, straightforward approach. ... - 7 hr 2 min ago

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