Patrick Byrne: Overstock Exploring Block Chain-Based Public Stock Offering
To date, has proved a pioneer in bitcoin advocacy, helping push a number of major merchants to consider accepting digital currency when it became the first marquee name to do so this January. Now, in a new interview with CoinDesk, Byrne has opened up about how Overstock may be seeking to further develop its plans for [&... - 2 hr 34 min ago
You can now help the Wikimedia Foundation with Bitcoin donations
The Wikimedia Foundation has decided to start accepting Bitcoin donations in a move to “make sure donating is as simple and inclusive as possible”. The foundation currently accepts 13 different payment methods, which makes it possible for people from every country in the world to support the organization’s work. We’... - 2 hr 39 min ago
BitFury Announces Hosted Mining Service
Cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer BitFury on Wednesday announced a hosted mining service that will be available to all business customers (as opposed to a select few, we imagine). The company, The post BitFury Announces Hosted Mining Service appeared first on NEWSBTC. - 3 hr 3 min ago
Uncoinventional Living Tour Day 14 Porcfest Marc De Mesel on NXT
In this podcast, John and Cat are at PorcFest in Lancaster, NH. John sits down to chat with NXT investor and enthusiast Marc De Mesel about all that NXT has to offer to the crypto community. Learn more at: out the regular audio updates on the SovereignBTC podcast feed and follow the live blog on Bitcoin Magazine - - 3 hr 13 min ago
Japanese Police Launch Investigation into Missing Mt. Gox Bitcoin
The Tokyo Police investigation will focus on 27,000 BTC suspected to have been stolen from Mt. Gox. - 3 hr 30 min ago
BitcoinATM to Crowdfund a Two-Way Altcoin ATM Network in Europe
BitcoinATM is looking to be a major player in the altcoin ATM scene. They have recently started the operation of multiple Bitcoin/Litecoin/DogeCoin two-way ATMs. - 3 hr 54 min ago
University of Economics in Prague NXT project
The text was written by: HassenBlasques Hello, I am going to run a project with students of the University of Economics in Prague. I got inspired by this thread: mic-outreach-program/100/, where the NXT Academic Outreach Program (NAOP) was announced. I have already publ... - 3 hr 54 min ago
First Data Agrees to Acquire Gyft
First Data, a global leader in payment technologies and services has agreed to purchase electronic gift card retailer Gyft, a start-up which has risen to fame in the bitcoin community The post First Data Agrees to Acquire Gyft appeared first on NEWSBTC. - 4 hr 5 min ago
Overstock shows interest in decentralizing the stock market with cryptosecurities and blockchain
Overstock, one of the largest e-commerce sites currently accepting bitcoin, recently expressed an interest in taking advantage of Bitcoin’s underlying public ledger technology, the blockchain, to manage, issue and trade company stock – and they are encourageing the public’s input. The company published a webpage Tuesday t... - 4 hr 6 min ago
Wikipedia Finally Accepts Bitcoin Donations
The Wikimedia Foundation has historically kept a cautious distance from Bitcoin. Back in December 2013, CCN’s Caleb Chen (then writing for Bitcoin Blogger) emailed the Wikimedia Foundation about accepting Bitcoin donations. This is the response he received: “Thank you for your email and interest in supporting free knowled... - 4 hr 14 min ago

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