BTCChina Launches JustPay: Bitcoin Payment Processing for Chinese Websites and Merchants
Last week, BTCChina revealed JustPay, their rebrand of the Picasso web wallet which was originally released earlier this year. By linking directly with BTCChina’s voluminous exchange, JustPay becomes BTCChina’s merchant solution for Chinese merchants. Using JustPay, “merchants are guaranteed to receive the full pric... - 48 min ago
Uncoinventional Living Tour West Day 10 Podcast Freezin' Our Satoshi's Off In Colorado
In this podcast update, John and Cat are having a treacherous time as they make their way through the Colorado Mountains on their way to Denver, CO for more bitcoin antics. The Blush Family ends up stranded in a small Colorado town but made the most out of it when they find an awesome Chinese Restaurant and a really cool hotel. Liste... - 2 hr 2 min ago
1,200 Merchants ready to make this year’s Bitcoin Black Friday the biggest yet
If you thought Bitcoin Black Friday was big in 2013, this year’s online event will probably blow your mind. About 1,200 merchants will be part of the next Bitcoin Black Friday, hosted by the site, where all the sales will be listed. Although the event was only created two years ago, it quickly went from .... - 2 hr 12 min ago
Chamber of Digital Commerce Hires Matthew Mellon to Ease Bitcoin's Banking Woes
Bitcoin entrepreneur and banking family scion Matthew Mellon will serve as executive committee chairman for the Chamber of Digital Commerce. - 2 hr 54 min ago
Bitcoin Found Its Way to McDonald’s London Hackathon
McDonald’s Hackathon held in London from 21 to 23 November invited to participants to think and design applications around a brand new digital restaurant experience. Fittingly, the hackathon participants had the pleasure to meet with team and experiment around the digital currency. We already knew that bitcoins ... - 3 hr 0 min ago
Judge Considers Allowing Bitcoin Mining Company Butterfly Labs (BFL) to Reopen
According to BizJournal coverage of the Butterfly Labs (BFL) FTC case, federal Judge Mark Wimes may be considering allowing the tainted Bitcoin mining company to reopen its doors in an attempt to make money to pay back customers from around the world. Butterfly Labs has been notorious in the Bitcoin mining space for failing to [̷... - 4 hr 12 min ago
Derivatives Exchange Nadex Seeks CFTC Approval for Bitcoin Binary Options
Derivatives broker Nadex plans to launch bitcoin binary options next month, pending approval from the CFTC. - 4 hr 13 min ago
Are you on #TeamHal?
This summer, people from all backgrounds and cultures from around the world participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Many participated to help spread the word while others went the extra mile to give towards the cause. And some, like the bitcoin community, did both in the memory of Hal Finney. For those that don’t […] - 4 hr 25 min ago
Bitcoin Black Friday Is on the Way
“Black Friday” is one of the busiest shopping days in the United States. It is a day of unbridled consumerism on steroids, when people pitch tents and lay sleeping bags in front of retail stores and m - 4 hr 42 min ago
Bitspark Enters Hong Kong's Remittance Market With Bitcoin-Powered Solution
Hong Kong startup Bitspark is offering a new remittance service that slashes costs by one-third with bitcoin. - 5 hr 39 min ago

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