Dubai Set to Host Bitcoin Conference
This November, Dubai plays host to the first ever Bitcoin conference in the Gulf. The event will take place in the Dubai International Financial Center, a special economic free zone in the heart of downtown Dubai and a hub of the region’s financial world. The conference will take place from December 11 – 13 2014. […] The post D... - 31 min ago
Bitcoin Price Faces Lower Lows in Continuing Slow Decline
Bitcoin Price is continuing a slow decline. Our target at $330 has not been struck decisively and price currently looks set to return to it – if not lower. Bitcoin Price Lower Lows Summary Comments Bitcoin Price Lower Lows Time of analysis: 04h30 UTC Asian Session The Bitcoin price has rebounded from just above $330 […] T... - 2 hr 53 min ago

Thursday, October 30, 2014

(XMR) Monero Price Trending Downwards
Monero has ranked among the top altcoins since its release in April, even earning its own market as a trading pair on the altcoin exchange Poloniex. However, the Monero price has been in decline for the past several months. CCN examines this altcoin price movement to help investors make wise trading decisions. Also Read: Monero [R... - 5 hr 26 min ago
FEC Regulations Limit Bitcoin Donations To Political Campaigns and Cause Confusion
This year, the FEC announced that political candidates could accept donations in Bitcoin. While the guidelines are welcome, the FEC also capped the amount that could be donated to $100 in Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency per person each election period. This amount is far below the amounts you can donate in fiat. Along with the restriction,... - 6 hr 19 min ago
Barclays Bank Has a Trick for Halloween; Bitcoin Has a Treat
Barclays Bank, one of the largest banks in the world, has today issued a warning on the nascent digital currency Bitcoin arguing that it is not backed by any government or central bank and the deposits are not insured.  The warning follows numerous similar warnings by Consumer Financial Protection Bureaus in the aftermath of the [... - 8 hr 15 min ago
Dark Wallet Walkthrough
Darkwallet instructional - 8 hr 29 min ago
Swarm Class #1: Judobaby
Bitcoin Magazine will be covering each member of  Swarm Class #1 leading up to their demo day next week on November 5th. We’ve written about Swarm, but for those who don’t know, Swarm rewards early backers by giving out more project coins at the start of a crowdsale. Eventually, as the project gets past certain milestones... - 8 hr 36 min ago
Federal Agencies Move Towards Aggressive Enforcement of Digital Currency Companies
Washington, D.C. – This week the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) issued two rulings providing clarification on certain digital currency business models which are now required to register with FinCEN as money service businesses, and are also subject to FinCEN’s […] Federal Agencies Move Towards Aggressive Enf... - 9 hr 11 min ago
Why Bitcoin Over Tor May Not Be a Good Idea
The growing use of bitcoin as a means of payment has come together with the need for greater security surrounding transactions on the blockchain. While bitcoin comes together with some levels of anonymity, given the permanent record that is the blockchain, the levels of anonymity provided by the bitcoin protocol are considered to be ... - 9 hr 47 min ago
MintPal Vows to Fight Former Moolah CEO in Court
Digital currency exchange MintPal is seeking control of customer funds allegedly held by former Moolah CEO Alex Green. - 9 hr 58 min ago

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