International Ripple Business Association Relaunches
The International Ripple Business Association (IRBA) has recently relaunched with a new website. The IRBA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on promoting business activity that is built into the Ripple protocol. The IRBA provides guidance to businesses based on the principals used by the American Bankers Association,... - 28 min ago
Darkcoin Price Technical Analysis for 2/3/2015 – Dark Bulls
Darkcoin price continued climbing today to record a high of 0.01320 BTC earlier today. It seems that DRK price will continue rising to test the 78.6% Fibonacci retracement level at The post Darkcoin Price Technical Analysis for 2/3/2015 – Dark Bulls appeared first on NEWSBTC. - 56 min ago
Are You Looking for a CPU Crypto Coin, Try Coin Magi (XMG)
While we are on the topic of CPU mining crypto coins, after going though the currently available alternative crypto coins that are still mineable only with CPU there is pretty much only one that stands from the crowd and that is Coin Magi (XMG). Sure, there are a few more coins that are still CPU […] - 57 min ago
Bitcoin Startups Bring Rebittance Service to Argentina and Mexico
Volabit and SatoshiTango have opened a bitcoin-powered international money bridge for to transfer fiat between Mexico and Argentina. - 1 hr 3 min ago
MGT Capital Investments, Tera Group to Create First Publicly Traded US Bitcoin Derivatives Exchange
MGT Capital Investments announced a planned merger with Tera Group, which operates the first regulated U.S. Bitcoin derivatives exchange. The merger will create the first publicly traded U.S. Bitcoin derivatives exchange. As observed by The Wall Street Journal, this is a reverse merger where Tera will take a controlling stake in MGT.... - 1 hr 5 min ago
Epicenter Bitcoin #68 Kamikaze Attack, Block Halving And The Perils Of Proof-Of-Work
Is Bitcoin secure from attacks that could destroy the currency? To a large part, this is determined by how expensive it is to carry out an attack and by the potential profits the attacker could generate. Ideally, an attack is so expensive to carry out that no profit-driven attacker would engage in it.But in this episode, Brian argues... - 1 hr 18 min ago
Meet The New Bitcoin Directors
Starting with 13 Candidates in the first election round, the Bitcoin Foundation has chosen its new Directors after the elections ran to a secondary, runoff round. The Foundation allowed only the top four candidates from the first round into the runoffs, Bruce Fenton, Jim Harper, Michael Perklin, Olivier Janssens. And each candidate s... - 1 hr 53 min ago
Bitcoin Price Making Higher Highs
Bitcoin price was sold down with wide participation, but the sell-off was cushioned by thousands of buy orders below. Price is back above Fib line support for now. With or without additional correction the direction during the coming days remains up. Meanwhile, Bitcoin buy-and-hold investment has gained another institutional player. ... - 1 hr 56 min ago
Is $518 the Fair Price of Bitcoin?
ALFAquotes has launched a Fair Bitcoin Price indicator to illuminate the value of bitcoin when factoring its cost of production. - 2 hr 3 min ago
Top 8 Ways to Book a Flight with Bitcoin
The air transportation industry is waking up to the savings and security offered by cryptocurrency. There are many different ways to book a flight with Bitcoin, and there's even more than one way to f - 2 hr 15 min ago

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