Cryptomen Launches Breakthrough BTC Investment Trading Service
Later today, the first ever cryptocurrency trading fund will close its funding period for its first venture: now, you can allow experts to trade your bitcoins on your behalf, while you watch. - 34 min ago
CoinAgenda’s Best Startup Winners: 3 Companies to Keep an Eye On
BitAngels has named the winners of its startup competition, which was held earlier this month at the CoinAgenda conference in Las Vegas: - 1 hr 14 min ago
WC3's Web Payments Redesign Could Bypass Bitcoin
One of the web's foundational groups is re-examining online payments, but bitcoin is only just entering the conversation. - 1 hr 53 min ago
PeerTracks and the Future of Blockchain Music: Exclusive Interview with Cédric Cobban
Ever consider what the future of the music industry looks like with the advent of blockchain technology? Cédric Cobban certainly has. Co-founder of PeerTracks and member of the BitShares Music Foundation, Cédric seems to have a clear vision when it comes to music’s role in the emerging decentralized economy. I recently had the ... - 2 hr 31 min ago
LakeBTC Suspended from CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index
LakeBTC will be suspended from the CoinDesk BPI for 30 days pending a review of its data. - 3 hr 26 min ago
Checkcoin (CKC), Think Foursquare Meeting Crypto Currency
Checkcoin (CKC) is an interesting alternative crypto currency that wants to tie things to real life experiences, and the developers want to do that by combining geolocations with augmented reality and mobile software users that are able to to create, find and reward each other by discovering great places all over the world. You can [... - 3 hr 36 min ago
Australian Authorities About to Sell at Auction 24,500 BTC Confiscated From Silk Road Drug Dealer
An Australian Silk Road drug dealer was sentenced today to 11 years of prison for commercial trafficking. Local authorities are about to sell at auction nearly 25,000 BTC seized in 2013. - 3 hr 56 min ago
Bitcoin Foundation's New Head Patrick Murck Outlines Future Plans
Incoming Bitcoin Foundation executive director Patrick Murck has outlined his agenda for the organization's future role. - 4 hr 57 min ago
Urose 2014 Conference: What We Should Expect From Urocoin
The Uro Foundation announces the expansion of the URO ecosystem at the Urose 2014 Conference, held in Hong Kong on October 29. - 5 hr 24 min ago
Developer Creates Blockchain Passport Technology Based on Bitcoin
Christopher Ellis has created software that allows anyone to create a World Citizen Passport. The software uses PGP encryption software and the Blockchain to create an identification paper that is almost impossible mathematically to fake. Not only can the Blockchain be used to store these world passports, it can store all kinds of do... - 5 hr 31 min ago

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