Stop Predicting Bitcoin Obituaries Because of Irresponsible Companies [Opinion]
The expressed opinions in this article do not reflect those of Bitcoinist but of a guest writer. Bitcoin as an investment tool is an increasing topic of debate for spectators. It’s a clearly divisive topic that often leads to shiny new bitcoin obituaries reading, “Bitcoin is Dead!” or “Is This The End of Bitcoin?” To […] The po... - 42 min ago
Bitcoin Exchange Gatecoin Has Raised $150 000 & Will Offer Segregated Bank Accounts
Gatecoin Ltd., a Hong Kong-based digital currency startup, has launched a digital currency exchange with a bitcoin trading platform that keeps clients’ cash deposits in segregated accounts to minimize exposure to risk. Gatecoin, incubated by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks and Tsinghua University, cites segregated client a... - 1 hr 26 min ago
The Pirate Bay Is Back Online
The Pirate Bay is back online after almost two months of downtime. The popular BitTorrent site was raided by the Swedish police in December and taken offline. Following a period of complete unavailability, the site was resurrected in December, with an image of a phoenix replacing its standard pirate-ship logo, and a timer indicating ... - 1 hr 44 min ago
LinkedIn Founder Talks Bitcoin's Future at San Francisco Conference
O'Reilly Media's first bitcoin event was a packed schedule of well-known speakers, including LinkedIn's Reid Hoffman. - 1 hr 53 min ago
Performance Results from the ccMiner fork With NeoScrypt Support
Last month we’ve written about the Crowdfunding Campaign for ccMiner fork With NeoScrypt Support and the miner is already being made available for people that have donated to the developer djm34. We have already played a bit with the latest version of the ccMiner fork with NeoScrypt algorithm support and have tested it on multi... - 2 hr 27 min ago
Fed Makes $11M Bitcoin Thievery Look Amateur (Op-Ed)
A new study reports that over the last four years, approximately US$11 million in Bitcoin has been stolen from its rightful owners in one way or another. While this may leave you feeling a bit sorry f - 3 hr 20 min ago
Reddit Loses Strategic Interest In Bitcoin
Recently it was announced by Ryan X. Charles on the Bitcoin subreddit that he had been let go from his position at Reddit. Ryan worked as the resident cryptocurrency expert at Reddit. He was hired directly by former CEO Yishan Wong and until Wong quit the company in November, at which point Charles formally had […] The post Red... - 3 hr 20 min ago
BitMesh and Bitcoin Wireless Want You To Trade Wifi for BTC
In the past 24 hours, two new projects have emerged, both of which plan to develop a way for people to buy and sell access to their internet connections in The post BitMesh and Bitcoin Wireless Want You To Trade Wifi for BTC appeared first on NEWSBTC. - 3 hr 45 min ago
Coinbase Goes Android With Google Now Cards
Google Now is an application available for most mobile operating systems that enable users to check all kinds of information regarding weather, navigation, and places to visit nearby. The application has a large userbase that increase the chance that some of them will notice the new cards. More importantly, the Coinbase card should a... - 5 hr 16 min ago
Weekend Roundup: Coinbase’s Exchange, Cointerra Bankrupt, and Chinese Exchange Has 1,000 BTC Stolen
Bitcoin Weekend Roundup from CoinTelegraph. - 5 hr 44 min ago

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