Zapchain Members Share Their Favorite Mobile Bitcoin Wallets With Each Other
Zapchain, the fastest growing network of Bitcoin professionals, continues to be a great destination for community ideas and feedback. The simple question and answer site structure seems to provide just the right mix of education and engagement. And now, with the implementation of the Coinbase tip button, Zapchain allows members the a... - 35 min ago
Cancer patients forced to use Bitcoin-driven illegal online markets to buy drugs
The dark web-based marketplaces are once again making headlines, but this time it’s not about a conflict with the law. American cancer patients are now using the platforms to access darknet pharmacies and buy therapeutic drugs at huge discounts.  The online marketplaces are being used by Americans without medical insurance and ... - 1 hr 24 min ago
Updated ccMiner 1.5-git Fork by tpruvot With Extra Nonce Support
We have compiled a windows binary from the latest (source) of ccMiner 1.5-git fork by tpruvot as he has added support for the Extra Nonce feature used by services such as NiceHash or WestHash to maximize the mining performance. So if you are currently leasing your Nvidia GPU mining hashrate at NiceHash or WestHash you […] - 1 hr 30 min ago
How Dangerous is Satoshi Nakamoto?
Satoshi holds the future of bitcoin in his or her hands (or at least, in a private key somewhere). What are the implications of this? - 2 hr 47 min ago
The Blockchain Lottery: How Miners Are Rewarded
In this excerpt from the book 'Bitcoin for the Befuddled,' the authors explain the process of how bitcoin miners are rewarded for their work. - 4 hr 9 min ago
10 Bitcoin Jobs For Skilled Pros
Are you on the Bitcoin job hunt? If so, we have you covered as you seek out your next big career move. Bitcoin and Crypto start-ups are looking for the best talent to join their teams, and we’re bringing you the opportunities every week. Check out this week’s recently posted Bitcoin jobs and start applying. Also read: Bitcoin Careers... - 4 hr 30 min ago
Netherlands: What is Bitcoin? We Don’t Really Know
The learning curve for Bitcoin is higher for some than it is for others. As I reported previously, Great Britain has seen knowledge of Bitcoin more than double since June of 2013, to over 70%. In the Netherlands, it seems safe to say that they are still behind the times when it comes to digital […] The post Netherlands: What is... - 5 hr 2 min ago
Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne: 'My Commitment Isn't to Bitcoin, It Is to the Crypto Revolution'
Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne discusses the vulnerabilities of our current financial system, and explains how "blockchain trading" could solve these flaws, at CATO Institute conference. - 5 hr 4 min ago
New Bitcoin Merchants and Businesses: The Grid, PrivateFly, Flanders University, Ronald McDonald ...
Despite the continuing mystery on the regulation issues that face the Bitcoin community, many businesses continue to add Bitcoin as a payment option for their customers. - 5 hr 44 min ago
Bitcoin Transactions Could Be VAT-Exempt in the Netherlands
Could bitcoin transactions conducted in the Netherlands be VAT-exempt? It’s certainly a possibility, it seems. According to bitcoin news reporting website Coincourant [Dutch], Mr. Jacob Kamminga of the country’s Ministry of Finance The post Bitcoin Transactions Could Be VAT-Exempt in the Netherlands appeared first on NEWS... - 6 hr 3 min ago

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