Safello Swedish Bitcoin Exchange Announces Critical London Banking Partnership
One of the hardest parts of maintaining and operating a bitcoin exchange in the United Kingdom is securing a bank account. Unfortunately, many exchanges in the area are unsuccessful in maintaining a partnership, and Safello thinks this is a catch 22 situation. Safello announced that they’ve broken through the market today by establis... - 2 hr 6 min ago

Friday, December 19, 2014

Bitcoin Price Bull Market Has Begun
I wrote the article below late last night after a long day on the road.  This morning, more alert and focused, I looked again at the short term charts.  What was I looking for?  Elliott Waves in waves of 5 going up.  As you may know, their return (after a very long absence) will signal that the […] The post Bitcoin Price Bull M... - 4 hr 51 min ago
Charlie Shrem Saga Ends With Two-Year Sentence in New York Court
Charlie Shrem has been sentenced to two years in prison after pleading guilty to aiding and abetting an unlicensed money transmitting business. - 7 hr 18 min ago
Elections Update
As of December 31, 2014, we will have three board seats to fill. Per our bylaws, board seats are filled by a vote of the designated membership class. Individual members will elect two seats in February and the remaining third seat will be elected by our chapter affiliates next spring. Overview When is the election? […] - 9 hr 31 min ago
Help Mustapha Cole Return to Sierra Leone and Spread the Bitcoin Message
Hello friends, loved ones and everyone who helped me fund my one-way flight ticket so I could participate in the first Dream Bitcoin seminar in Ghana, Kumasi. - 10 hr 1 min ago
Exclusive Interview with Jesse Powell CEO of Kraken Regarding Japanese Market
Kraken, a reputable Bitcoin exchange launched trading in Japan at the end of October. With the collapse of Mt. Gox, setting up a reputable and publicly trusted exchange in Japan is no easy task. Kraken has a great record of high transaction volumes as well as reputation for compliance with the law. Even though Kraken […] The po... - 10 hr 15 min ago
Brazilian Senate Report: Bitcoin Isn't Ready for Regulation
A new study for the Federal Senate of Brazil seeks to examine how the spread of bitcoin and other digital currencies could impact its economy. - 10 hr 53 min ago
Reddit Digital Currency “Reddit Notes” Announced
Earlier today, Reddit posted to its blog and announced the “Reddit notes,” the name of the long-awaited Reddit cryptocurrency. Reddit recently closed a $50 million USD funding round led by Sam Altman, Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz, and Alfred Lin of Sequoia Capital. Soon thereafter, Reddit announced their plans t... - 11 hr 59 min ago
Hedgeable Offers 'Free Bitcoin to Every American' in Investor Promotion
Hedgeable has announced a partnership with Coinbase to give one free bitcoin to every interested investor who enrolls in its Plus Program. - 12 hr 53 min ago

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