Op-ED: Why Bitcoin and War Don’t Mix
Conflict gives Bitcoin an opportunity, the traditional perspective goes – but in the current world of conflict, it could well be argued that economics are being overlooked, and that Bitcoin’s real spo - 30 min ago
Coinbase Expands to 5 More European Countries
Last month, Coinbase expanded internationally by adding 13 European countries and today they are adding 5 more countries to the Coinbase family: Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland. Users in these countries can now link their bank account via SEPA and easily buy and sell Bitcoin. For users in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, ... - 1 hr 50 min ago
Coinbase Expands to 5 More Countries and Raises Limits for European Users
We love the fact that anyone with an Internet connection can use the Bitcoin network, but in most countries it is still far too difficult for users to buy and sell bitcoin. Last month, we expanded internationally by adding 13 European countries and today we’re adding 5 more countries to the Coinbase family: Ireland, Sweden, Denmark,... - 3 hr 13 min ago
Georgia Tech Partners with BitPay: Accepts Bitcoin at Stadium, On Campus
Georgia Tech and BitPay are joining forces to bring Bitcoin payments to the campus. Bitcoin is going to college. - 3 hr 42 min ago

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Georgia Tech Personalized Bitcoin Wallet Is Key Adoption Tool
Student fans of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets now get the opportunity to use their bitcoins. By partnering with BitPay, the university plans to implement the technology before any other university in the United States. The students will get to pay with bitcoin at the concession stand while cheering on the Jackets. They’ll also be [... - 4 hr 31 min ago
CryptoNote Team Responds to Monero “Coin-Killer” Threat
Last week, a bitcointalk hero-level community member by the name of “BitcoinEXpress” announced that he found an Achille’s Heel-like vulnerability in CryptoNote, a highly-sophisticated and secure cryptography technology. BitcoinEXpress said that someone could attack Monero, a cryptocurrency that uses CryptoNote, because of this ... - 6 hr 46 min ago
BitPAC Sending Eight Politicians Bitcoin By Mail
So here’s an interesting story originally reported by CoinDesk this evening. Eight members of Congress are expected to receive $250 worth of bitcoin my mail in the coming days, a move The post BitPAC Sending Eight Politicians Bitcoin By Mail appeared first on NEWSBTC. - 7 hr 8 min ago
Sir Richard Branson Favors Bitcoin In Virgin Blog Post
Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire investing-mogul behind Virgin Airlines, Virgin Galactic and a slew of other companies, recently wrote a blog titled “Why I Invest In Startups” on the Virgin official website. It’s no secret that Branson takes favor to Bitcoin as he’s been very vocal in the past and stood alongside other investors ... - 8 hr 21 min ago
Bitcoin Service Coinapult Raises $775K from VC Group FirstMark
Coinapult’s new service, Locks, frees your bitcoins from price volatility by linking them to tangible assets, such as gold. Customers who lock $1,000 worth of bitcoins today will be able to cash out $1,000 worth of bitcoins today, tomorrow, next year, whenever they like – regardless of the price of bitcoin. Coinapult is F... - 8 hr 42 min ago
Association Bitcoin France is the Bitcoin Foundation’s newest chapter afilliate
After Bangladesh and Romania, France becomes the next country to have an institution recognized as a Bitcoin Foundation’s chapter afilliate. The Association Bitcoin France, headed by Philippe Rodriguez, is now an official member of the foundation’s project. “France is a country where liberty ranks high as a top valu... - 9 hr 25 min ago

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