Survey Reports British Residents Aware of Bitcoin, but Not Embracing It Yet
Bitcoin’s reputation, perception, and acceptance levels run the gamut worldwide. Acceptance in the U.S., China, and Australia is relatively strong. Some nations seek to suppress it through legislation and even ban it in places like Russia and Bangladesh. And if you have poor internet connectivity, you are destined to be on the ... - 1 hr 26 min ago

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Is Scoring Needed For Bitcoin Fast Transactions?
Though Bitcoin is a very revolutionary technology, it lacks the ability to provide a high degree of assurance for users needing to facilitate fast transactions. Brick and mortar and e-commerce merchants need to be able to complete Bitcoin transactions in under a minute. To fully confirm a Bitcoin transaction, it takes 6-10 confirmati... - 8 hr 34 min ago
NEWSBTC Will Continue Its Fast, Reliable Reporting
Earlier this month, it was announced by me that NEWSBTC would be shutting its doors and closing. In that notice, I explained my reasons, many of which stand. But I’m The post NEWSBTC Will Continue Its Fast, Reliable Reporting appeared first on NEWSBTC. - 9 hr 12 min ago
Did the NSA Outline Bitcoin In 1996?
The NSA was one of the first organizations to describe a Bitcoin-like system. About twelve years before Satoshi Nakamoto published his legendary white paper to the cryptography mailing list, a group of NSA information security researchers published a paper entitled How to Make a Mint: the Cryptography of Anonymous Electr... - 10 hr 19 min ago
Bridging The Gap Between Wallet Security And Ease-Of-Use With Arianna Simpson
In the latest Epicenter Bitcoin episode, Brian Fabian Crain and Sebastien Couture were joined by Arianna Simpson, an Account Specialist at BitGo. A pioneer in multi-signature hierarchical deterministi - 11 hr 18 min ago
HamRadioCoin: Crypto via Radio, Alternative Blockchain Channel
HamRadioCoin utilizes the traditional Ham radio mesh to serve modern blockchain technology. This provides the blockchain and cryptocurrency with the first real alternative channel – a communications network that is both standardized and global. Ham radio has been in existence for over 80 years and who could have thought that it... - 11 hr 35 min ago
Boost VC Goes 'Full Bitcoin' For Next Startup Mentor Round
Startup accelerator and mentorship program Boost VC will feature 100% bitcoin companies in its next program, starting early 2015. - 11 hr 37 min ago
Could Bitcoin Tipping Replace Traditional Online Advertising?
Companies like Google and Facebook are making millions selling online ads. Could bitcoin disrupt their business models? - 12 hr 49 min ago
Driving Bitcoin Adoption: Family Documents Second BTC-Only Road Trip
John Bush and Catherine Bleish were traveling in Los Angeles, on the 10th day of their second all-Bitcoin road trip, when I spoke with them on November 19. - 13 hr 3 min ago
Decentral Bank Upgrades Citi to Bank 2.0 That Handles Crypto, Circumvents Regulators
Uwe Cerron, Irvin Steve Cardenas, Juan Daniel Alvarado, and Daniel Doherty, a fourth student from another college, came together to become finalists in the Citi Mobile Challenge, a global competition - 14 hr 25 min ago

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