Coin Center Issues a Flexible Template for Bitcoin Regulation
Last week, lead Bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen and other Bitcoin Core developers joined the recently established MIT Digital Currency Initiative. This was widely interpreted as an MIT takeover of the roles of leadership, funding and co-ordination of Bitcoin technical development, previously claimed by the Bitcoin Foundation. In par... - 25 min ago
OKCoin Announces Bitcoin Superwallet OKLink
News powered by Article by JP Buntinx When it comes to Bitcoin adoption and awareness, most of the money is flowing in through Chinese Bitcoin exchanges. Several major players, such as BTCChina, OKCoin and Huobi, are coming up with various tools and features to give them a competitive edge. And it is OKCoin who has com... - 27 min ago
Lawnmower Invests Users’ Spare Change to Purchase Bitcoin
the Boost VC-backed Bitcoin startup Lawnmower tracks purchases on a user’s account, rounds them up to the nearest dollar to create spare change, and uses the change to purchase bitcoin on behalf of the user. The bitcoin purchased by Lawnmower will be deposited to a Bitcoin wallet of a user’s choice. The minimum threshold for bi... - 39 min ago
Augur Answers Tough Questions with its Blockchain-based Prediction Markets
Let’s ask a tough question: Will Hillary Clinton become president of the United States in 2016? If you had people “bet” on the topic, and monetarily rewarded the ones who guessed correctly, you can actually get a good idea whether Hillary Clinton will become the head of state. A better idea, in fact, than virtually any alleged “... - 42 min ago
Speedy Bitcoin Announces Suspension of Services
Come Monday May 4, 2015, the Bitcoin community will not be able to buy its favorite digital currency from one of the most loved Bitcoin buying platforms in UK. The The post Speedy Bitcoin Announces Suspension of Services appeared first on NEWSBTC. - 57 min ago
Winner of ‘Brand me Crypto’ Campaign Announced
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA & CALGARY, ALBERTA – APRIL 27, 2015 – Cryptocurrency risk management and payment processing specialist Vogogo Inc. announced the winner of Brand Me Crypto, an initiative, conceptualized and sponsored by the company, its aim, to have global members of the crypto and creative community create an iconic brand t... - 57 min ago
Ukraine Central Bank Review: PayPal, Bitcoin should appear on market, says Analyst
The National Bank of Ukraine held a meeting last week to discuss ways of "[improving] the performance of international payment systems in Ukraine" and easing up regulatory constraints for new market e - 1 hr 7 min ago
Digital Artwork Becomes Tradeable & Scarce On The Bitcoin Block Chain
Entrepreneur and artist Stephan Vogler wants to change the art world, and he is using Bitcoin to do just that in what’s considered by many to be the epicenter of contemporary art, Berlin, Germany. Vogler’s novel block chain technology inspired license seeks to change how art is purchased and traded. By creating a system o... - 1 hr 10 min ago
Bitcoin Conference Prague Planned for May 2015
Bitcoin Conference is going to make a mash on Europe. Meet the conference dedicated to the currency of the future in Prague! Everyone has heard about a mysterious currency Bitcoin, but maybe not everyone knows where and what you can spend it on. The world we live in does not tolerate inertness; it is in a constant process of movement... - 1 hr 18 min ago
Caribbean’s First Bitcoin Exchange CEO: ‘Our Biggest Difficulty Is an Uninformed Government’
Bitt, the Caribbean's first bitcoin exchange company, is looking to tap the region’s potential for remittances and banking services by providing faster and cheaper payments using bitcoin. - 1 hr 48 min ago

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