Global Economic Outlook: Markets Hold Their Breath
European stocks declined and the euro made an early drop as the outcome of the Greek referendum and their rejection of austerity had investors flee to the traditional safe havens of US Treasuries, German bunds and the Japanese yen. Following an "equities bailout" by the Peoples' Bank of China the Shanghai Composite index lifted after... - 15 min ago
How Washington Spreads The Peace——-118,000 Air Strikes Against Other Countries Since 2000…….And C...
By Nicolas J S Davies at Consortium News U.S. Central Command’s latest figures on its aerial bombardment of Iraq and Syria reveal that this is the heaviest U.S. bombing campaign since President George W. Bush’s “Shock and Awe” campaign against Iraq in 2003. In the campaign’s first ten months from August 2014 to May 2015, the U.S. and... - 1 hr 41 min ago
Double Spending Risk Remains After July 4th Bitcoin Fork
The delayed implementation of a bitcoin core update by a small number of the network’s miners resulted in the addition of invalid transaction blocks to the bitcoin blockchain this weekend. The result was a fork in the network that created two versions of the bitcoin blockchain, which continued for six blocks on 4th July. An add... - 1 hr 41 min ago
Major bank admits bitcoin could destroy banks, brokers & exchanges
French bank BNP Paribas warned customers and investors that the technology behind bitcoin will make existing companies redundant (that’s British for “obsolete”).* It’s a tectonic acknowledgement from one of the world’s biggest banks. Analyst Johann Palychata writes in the company’s magazine Quintessence that Bitcoin’s blockchain, the... - 1 hr 41 min ago
Think bitcoin is dead? Here’s why it’s making a comeback
Across the street from the gleaming glass facade of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange sits a modest storefront where nine men in their 20s and 30s are holding a meeting. Some of the men are wearing dress shirts while others sport Birkenstocks and beards, but they don’t look like revolutionaries. Yet if you spend a few hours in their presen... - 1 hr 41 min ago
Introducing Coinbase API v2
We're excited to announce the release of Coinbase API v2, now in “general availability.” We introduced API v2 into developer preview two months ago and received great feedback and suggestions from the community. Since then, our API team has been busy adding new features and endpoints and refining the API. - 2 hr 1 min ago
Double Spending Risk Remains High After July 4th Bitcoin Fork
A fork in the bitcoin network has raised issues regarding how key participants in the payment network process and confirm transactions. - 3 hr 0 min ago
The Internet is Sold Out; New IP Addresses Not Available
We now take for granted many things that were once thought impossible to use and create. Take the Internet, for example. - 3 hr 57 min ago
Why it makes sense for Reddit to decentralize, a la bitcoin - Engadget
Engadget Why it makes sense for Reddit to decentralize, a la bitcoin Engadget Imagine a version of Reddit that's fully peer-to-peer like BitTorrent, and which relies on small bitcoin transactions to function. That's something the company was actually considering last year, according to Ryan Charles, Reddit's former ... Fr...
Reporter - 4 hr 34 min ago Back Online After Massive Reddit Traffic-Induced Crash
Reddit competitor Voat has returned to regular service after a tumultuous week of new Reddit traffic crashed the up and coming site Thursday - 6 hr 3 min ago

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