Wednesday, July 29, 2015

 Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 30/7/2015 – Bulls Giving Up?
Bitcoin witnessed fresh selling and minor profit booking as bulls failed to keep up the upbeat mood and cross the resistance level. In my previous analysis Stalled!, I had stated that if the bulls struggle for too long below the resistance, then it may eventually lead to a decline. I still maintain my view. Another … Continue r... - 33 min ago
Brian Forde on the Future of Digital Currency Technologies
Former Senior Advisor for Mobile and Data Innovation at the White House, Brian Forde, recently sat down with Forbes to talk about... The post Brian Forde on the Future of Digital Currency Technologies appeared first on CoinBuzz. - 1 hr 41 min ago
China’s Market Intervention Folly
By BURTON G. MALKIEL at The Wall Street Journal The biggest drop in Chinese stocks in eight years Monday is another sign that Beijing’s efforts to prop up prices have failed. Moreover, the interventions themselves have made China’s equity markets more volatile and damaged their credibility in the long run. To stabilize stock prices, ... - 3 hr 16 min ago
My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets Hits #1 on Amazon, Gets Massive Media Coverage
On May 18th we launched our ebook “My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets“. After a successful launch and repeated requests, we’ve decided to make the book also available as a Kindle version on What happened next was pretty mind-blowing. The book made it to the #1 bestseller on two different categories for a short period of time... - 3 hr 16 min ago
HackCoin: Hackathon to explore uses of bitcoin tech to build apps in payments …
By Nirupama V BENGALURU: Over 100 developers will gather at the Bombay Stock Exchange building this weekend for ‘Hack-Coin’— a two-day hackathon organized by Zone Startups India, BitStreet and Block Chain University. Unlike in other hackathonsA, the participants will work on the rarely-used blockchain— the technology behi... - 3 hr 16 min ago
Bitcoin Ends Five Day Winning Streak
Want to Trade Bitcoin? ForexNews RecommmendsClick Here To Learn More. Bitcoin ended its five-day winning streak today. Prices are trading down by $6 dollars or just above 2 percent on OKCoin. The last four of the five days saw a combined gain of $7 dollars however. This means that today’s sell-off nearly wiped out all the gains accru... - 3 hr 16 min ago
Leading Global Bitcoin Adoption, HashingSpace Corporation Uplifts to the OTCQB
Bitcoin Press Release: US Based HashingSpace Corporation Announced it has been uplifted to a higher reporting status on the OTC Market. HashingSpace will now be listed as OTCQB: HSHS. HashingSpace provides scalable datacenter and technology infrastructure for the global adoption of Bitcoin including Bitcoin ATMs and hosted ASIC minin... - 5 hr 42 min ago
Over 2 Years Old Valuable Bitcoin Alternative CryptoBullion (CBX) Announces Unprecedented PoSP Al...
Bitcoin Press Release: Over 2 years old, CryptoBullion is pleased to announce an unprecedented Proof-of-Stake-Participation algorithm and expansion into emerging Chinese markets. Designed to be rare and valuable, less than 1 million CBX are in circulation, with a variable annual interest rate of over 2% for stakers. FLORIDA, USA / Ju... - 5 hr 44 min ago
Russian Website Threatened by Government Censors
About two weeks ago, during an interview, Vladimir Putin signaled his tacit support for using bitcoins in Russia. The Russian President stated that the digital currency shouldn’t be banned and that it could have possible uses for some government institutions. But it seems that the Russian censorship haven’t finished.  Yesterday... - 6 hr 18 min ago
How Blockchain Technology Can Be Used for Social Good
Blockchain technology has been garnering a lot of attention these days, after years of staying in the shadow of the actual cryptocurrency bitcoin. Blockchain is the public ledger of bitcoin transactions, which are stored and verified by a network of computers solving complex algorithms, and is seen as a potentially disruptive technol... - 7 hr 3 min ago

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