How Much Oil Output Halted Due to Low Prices? Just 0.1% So Far
After a year of low oil prices, only 0.1 percent of global production has been curtailed because it’s unprofitable, according to a report from consultants Wood Mackenzie Ltd. that highlights the industry’s resilience. The analysis, published ahead of an annual oil-industry gathering in London next week, suggests that oil prices will ... - 1 hr 25 min ago
Judge in political corruption lawsuit is married to newly appointed lieutenant governor
Helena District Judge DeeAnn Cooney has only been on the bench since Jan. 1, but already she’s presiding over one of the most high-profile political corruption cases the state has seen in decades. On one side of the long-running litigation is Commissioner of Political Practices Jonathan Motl, the state’s top political watchdog and ca... - 2 hr 24 min ago
Officials: ‘Band of Thieves’ member sold car for bail money
A man facing a list of charges with others accused in a theft ring allegedly sold a vehicle that was to be seized for bail money. Ricky Terry, 49, was arrested Thursday night on suspicion of interference with or diminishing forfeitable property, a fourth degree felony, according to Clark County court records. Terry’s wife followed V... - 3 hr 49 min ago
Simplex Brings Total Funding to $8.4 Million with Latest Round
In May 2014, Israeli bitcoin payments association Simplex raised $1.4 million in seed funding. It’s been scarcely dual years given this seed raise, and a association has only announced a shutting of a successful array A, that saw a horde of participants fund a serve $7 million, move a sum appropriation lifted to $8.4 million. Visit ... - 4 hr 25 min ago
Factom Lands Smart-City Deal With China
With an eye to the future, China’s government is working with Factom, a blockchain based record verification and auditing infrastructure company along with consulting firm iSoftStone to plan blockchain based administration projects for smart cities. The plan will include strategies for storage, auditing and verification services. Nam... - 5 hr 41 min ago
The Checks and Balances of Bitcoin Governance
Although scalability (the block distance limit) has been a categorical theme of review in a Bitcoin village over a past year, this debate has also brought adult another critical theme for a peer-to-peer digital money system: governance. Bitcoin Core Contributor Peter Todd is no fan of Bitcoin XT, though he does like a fact that Visi... - 5 hr 49 min ago
Tendermint’s mintnet For Launching Blockchains To Any Cloud Provider
Tendermint aims to create a globally decentralized validator network suitable for enterprise. How much of a plus is this towards the Blockchain? - 6 hr 0 min ago
Memo To EM Countries: Take Cover, IMF/Lagarde Coming To Help!
By CNBC China can avoid a “hard landing” if Beijing pursues reforms to state enterprises and sticks to a more market-driven and well-communicated exchange rate policy, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde said on Thursday. But Lagarde said spillovers from China’s transition to a slower, more sustainable gro... - 7 hr 24 min ago
When the NSA Merges Its Offense and Defense, Encryption Loses
How do you create strong encryption standards when the organization tasked to build them finds itself absorbed into an organization that dedicates huge quantities of resources to break them? The recently announced reorganization of the National Security Agency this week brings this question to the forefront. As part of the reorganiza... - 7 hr 24 min ago
Bharara rails against opioids, political corruption
Buy Photo U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara was presented with the Crime Stopper of the Year award at the 5th annual Westchester County Crime Stoppers dinner at the VIP Club in New Rochelle on Friday, Feb. 5, 2016.(Photo: Michael D’Onofrio/The Journal News)Buy Photo NEW ROCHELLE – Opioids and public corruption are the foremost ... - 7 hr 25 min ago

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