FortuneJack Announces New Poker Platform and Contest!
FortuneJack is a Bitcoin Casino that has recently launched their Bitcoin poker platform. Not long after the launch of their platform, they also announced a video contest with a 10 BTC prize for first place. Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with FortuneJack and is not respons... - 1 hr 15 min ago
Bitcoin Price Hits Resistance
Bitcoin price breached the 4-hour 200MA in most exchange charts today as buyers eagerly piled into advance. At the time of writing, the market has become quiet, and if a larger decline will grip the market, then the time is now. This analysis is provided by with a 3-hour delay. Read the full analysis […] The post Bit... - 4 hr 15 min ago
European Union Leaders Seek Greater Oversight of Bitcoin Activity
A group of European heads of state are pushing for greater oversight of digital currency activity in the European Union. - 4 hr 15 min ago
Updated List of Useful Resources for Ethereum (ETH)
Things have been quite crazy for Ethereum (ETH) the last days, so if you haven’t been paying much attention to Ethereum, then now you might want to get up to speed. Ethereum’s Ether (ETH) coins are mined with GPUs only and you can mine them with both AMD and Nvidia-based video cards that have at […] - 4 hr 22 min ago
Is The Looming Bitcoin 'Hard Fork' Illegal? - Forbes
Forbes Is The Looming Bitcoin 'Hard Fork' Illegal? Forbes As the Bitcoin community struggles to reach a broad consensus over how to expand the blockchain's block size, thus allowing Bitcoin to scale, a pro-Bitcoin attorney has sounded an important alarm: any hard fork of Bitcoin may be illegal, and ... The Hard Fork From ...
Reporter - 4 hr 46 min ago
Korean Bank Partners with Bitcoin Service for Remittances
For a change, it seems like a bank investigating blockchain tech might be getting it right. CoinDesk is reporting that Kookmin Bank in South Korea is linking up with Coinplug, a services company that has regularly been raising investment funds since 2013, to ease and speed its remittance services. Over the last 6 months or Visit Kor... - 4 hr 50 min ago
The Hard Fork From A Legal Perspective
In a blog post by Daniel Friedberg, principal of the law firm Riddel Willams PS in Seattle, some of the legal ramifications for the hard fork of Bitcoin have been addressed and raise interesting and critical questions about the future of such projects. The hard fork topic has come to head recently as a vocal and […] The post Th... - 5 hr 57 min ago
The Scoop on JoinMarket and Confidential Transactions
Today we’ll be taking a gander at JoinMarket and Confidential Transactions. I’ve known of these technologies for a while but have not used them nor do I plan to until the volume of utilization increases. As it stands, I don’t find a pressing need for obfuscating transaction history further than it already goes with BTC. […... - 6 hr 15 min ago
The World Is Turning Japanese [Chart]
The World Is Turning Japanese [Chart] Nearly a year ago, Bank of Japan governor Haruhiko Kuroda described the unlikely inspiration behind Japan’s unprecedented monetary stimulus: Peter Pan. I trust that many of you are familiar with the story of Peter Pan, in which it says, ‘the moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease Visit ... - 6 hr 16 min ago
Ethereum Cloud Mining Hashrate Available from Genesis Mining Again
The cloud mining service provider Genesis Mining now offers more Ethereum cloud mining hashrate after briefly being out of stock due to the high user demand. Unfortunately the return of more available Ethereum cloud mining hashrate for sale comes with a significantly higher price per MHS than it was available for before. Previously 1... - 7 hr 33 min ago

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