Baidu Ban Makes Bitcoin’s Fate Unknown in Its Largest Market
The ban of all bitcoin and virtual currency-related advertising from the online portals of China’s largest search engine, Baidu, has thrown the fate of cryptocurrencies into a dicey state in the world’s largest market for bitcoin trading and mining. As China literally controls the bitcoin market, this move is likely to have a m... - 1 hr 45 min ago
Synereo Allocates $200k Fund for dApps Developers
A blockchain project aiming to decentralize social network and web application development has decided to allocate $200,000 for its top participants. Synereo, as the project is titled, has called for signups from “decentralizers”, a term it uses for developers, entrepreneurs and curators passionate about decentralized economy systems... - 3 hr 53 min ago
Bitcoin Price Watch; Here’s Our Asian Session Strategy
The end of the day has come in Europe, and it’s time for us to take the second of our twice daily looks at the bitcoin price. We mentioned this morning that action this week so far has been somewhat lackluster, and that we’ve not had too many opportunities to get in and out according … Continue reading Bitcoin Price... - 4 hr 50 min ago
Financial Monopolists Fear Losing out to Bitcoin, This Story Proves it
It has been revealed recently that Safaricom, a leading Kenyan mobile network operator, tried to shut down a promising Bitcoin startup. Are monopolists that much afraid of losing out to Bitcoin? ]]> - 5 hr 11 min ago
Deloitte Spin-Off Nuco Partners on Blockchain IoT Project
A distributed ledger startup spun out of Deloitte has announced its first partnership with an Internet of Things company. - 5 hr 13 min ago
Poloniex May Soon Release White Hat DAO’s Frozen ETCs
Poloniex, one of the leading digital currency exchange is waiting for clearance from law enforcement agencies before it can release millions of dollars’ worth of Ethereum Classic (ETC) tokens. The exchange made an announcement about the recent developments on Twitter earlier today. Earlier this month, Poloniex along with Kraken recei... - 5 hr 23 min ago
US Health Department Blockchain Research Contest Sees 15 Winners
15 winners have been selected by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), a division of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) following its blockchain research challenge. Announced last month, the HHS sought whitepapers as a part of the “Use of Blockchain in Health IT and Health-rela... - 5 hr 35 min ago
Back to School: Blockchain Education Network to Host Global Bitcoin Airdrop by: Michael Gord - Bi...
Bitcoin Magazine Back to School: Blockchain Education Network to Host Global Bitcoin Airdrop by: Michael Gord Bitcoin Magazine This September, blockchain hubs across North America will be giving out bitcoin to begin the next school year. Over a dozen regions including New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Boston in the United States a...
Reporter - 6 hr 18 min ago
CoinTelegraph Jobs: Blockchain, GateCoin, Elliptic, Trestor Seeking Employees
CoinTelegraph presents its new Fintech and Blockchain Jobs page meant to help companies and professionals find each other in the multi-billion dollar Blockchain industry.]]> - 6 hr 22 min ago
Antshares Raises $2.5 Million in ICO’s First Two Weeks
Antshares, reportedly creating a bridge between cryptocurrency and “real-world” assets, has raised over 4400 bitcoin in the first two weeks of its ICO. At press time, that amounts to more than $2.5 million USD. Disclaimer: This article was sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with the firms represented by ... - 6 hr 23 min ago

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