Decentral to Sell Bitcoin in Retail Stores Across Canada
Canadian decentralized technologies hub Decentral will soon enable citizens across Canada to easily purchase bitcoin, the innovation hub revealed in an announcement today. Toronto-based innovation and disruption hub Decentral has announced a new series of ‘bitcoin cards’ that can be purchased at local retail stores nationwide. The De... - 33 min ago
Russian Central Bank Official Predicts Blockchain Future
The deputy chair of Russia’s central bank has reportedly told banking representatives that they should prepare for the spread of blockchain tech. - 1 hr 17 min ago
Stock Market Giant Deutsche Börse Working on Blockchain Prototypes
Given the potential applications for distributed ledgers in clearing and settlement, blockchain technology is increasingly drawing interest from major stock market operators. Among the most early and active financial firms exploring the technology have been major US firms including Nasdaq, which has launched its own blockchain-based ... - 1 hr 58 min ago
Decentral Brings Bitcoin to Retail Stores in Canada
Bitcoin users in Canada will be able to purchase the digital currency from local retail stores, announced Decentral. The Bitcoin innovation hub, which already has launched a Bitcoin video dashboard and a two-way Bitcoin ATM in Toronto under its flag, is now seeking to distribute its resources on cash-for-Bitcoin services. It has henc... - 2 hr 57 min ago
Industry Businesses Pledge to Avoid Bitcoin Network Split
A group of bitcoin miners, exchanges and service providers have issued a letter stating that they would not back hard forks of the network. - 3 hr 10 min ago
Toronto’s Decentral Launches Bitcoin Cards Nationwide
February 11, 2016 — TORONTO, ON, The Canadian-based crypto hub Decentral which focuses on decentralized technologies has just launched a new digital currency product nationwide. Decentral Bitcoin Cards will be made available for Canadians to purchase Bitcoin from local merchants. Also read: Number of Ethereum Nodes Grows Expone... - 3 hr 45 min ago
The Bitcoin Round Table States its Case for Core
The bitcoin block size debate is one that has raged for a considerable amount of time now, and it looks set to continue further. Just yesterday, prominent bitcoin exchange Coinbase revealed it would be running Bitcoin Classic nodes. The announcement was met with a mixed response, slightly weighted to the negative side of things, but ... - 4 hr 27 min ago
Video: PayPal Shuts down Bitcoin Parody of Its Super Bowl Commercial
PayPal has put the brakes on a bitcoin-based parody of its Super Bowl commercial that surfaced on YouTube not long after the original advert’s primetime bow. A reimagined version of PayPal’s Super Bowl advert that was published on YouTube has been pulled from the video-sharing platform at the behest of PayPal. PayPal’s commercial pro... - 4 hr 44 min ago
Ethereum Price Rise being led by Bitcoin Flight
Ethereum has been the “wonder” of the crypto currency world for a second week in a row. As the Bitcoin blocksize debate has caused disunity and discord amongst the bitcoin community, a fair amount of BTC money is flooding across into ETH.  That said the market cap of Ethereum has breached the $350 million dollar … C... - 5 hr 57 min ago
Pay for your cosmo with cryptocurrency: Discount drink app Hotspot adds Bitcoin support - GeekWire
Pay for your cosmo with cryptocurrency: Discount drink app Hotspot adds Bitcoin support GeekWire Users can now pay for discounted drinks with Bitcoin just as easily as if they were using a credit card in the app. But this isn't just to help cryptocurrency enthusiasts spend their digital money, it's also a way for the Hotspot&...
Reporter - 6 hr 13 min ago

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