Ethereum Price Technical Analysis – ETH Is In Uptrend
Key Highlights ETH price surged higher towards $13.20 against the US Dollar to form an uptrend. There is a bullish trend line formed on the hourly chart (data feed via SimpleFX) of ETH/USD, which may act as a support zone if the pair corrects lower. Buying dips remain a good option for ETH, as long … Continue reading Ethereum P... - 11 hr 55 min ago

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 09/29/2016 – Sitting on Resistance Turned Support
Bitcoin price is hovering above a resistance turned support area visible on the short-term time frames, still deciding whether to make a bounce or a break. The post Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 09/29/2016 – Sitting on Resistance Turned Support appeared first on NEWSBTC. - 13 hr 47 min ago
Project HONG (Hongcoin) ICO is Open! Ethereum Blockchain!
This ICO tries to fix what Ethereums DAO did wrong. If you have not heard about this project before this is a good time to learn about it and do some due intelligence if needed. What is Project HONG ? As creators claim it is a new beginning as a venture fund built on theRead More - 14 hr 55 min ago
Seven months after I expose crypto-currency OneCoin, police move in. - Seven months after I expose crypto-currency OneCoin, police move in. I do hope this won't prove embarrassing for my friends at law firm Carter-Ruck, which represents an investment “scheme” called OneCoin. This purports to be a crypto-currency and when in February I attended a mass rally at a London hotel...
Reporter - 15 hr 55 min ago
Dragon’s Tale – Become the Stormcaller and Win the Jackpot
Dragon’s Tale is the most original Bitcoin Casino you can find. Dragon’s Tale was able to cook the right ingredients to develop a massive multiplayer role-play casino offering the most exotic games in the Bitcoin gambling industry. In dragon’s Tale, you can find a whole lot of casino-based mini-games which are very fun and amusing. &... - 15 hr 55 min ago
Dash Partners With Coinfirm for AML/KYC Compliant Adoption Methods
NEW YORK — Dash has entered a partnership with Coinfirm to create AML/KYC compliant methods of adoption for commercial and financial institutions. According to a press release from Coinfirm, this partnership marks the first-ever “interwoven solution” for cryptocurrency AML/KYC compliance. Also read: Incent Project to Put $65B L... - 18 hr 46 min ago
Updated ccMiner 1.8.3-git fork by tpruvot With Improved LBRY Support
A quick update with a new Windows binary compiled from the latest ccMiner 1.8.3-git fork from tpruvot (source) with some improvement in the LBRY mining performance based on Alexis Provos work and basic implementation of the Veltor algorithm with some other minor fixes. The release below includes two versions of ccMiner, one is 32-bit... - 21 hr 6 min ago
Gartner Senior Executive: Blockchain is Being Over-Hyped
The fervent enthusiasm for blockchain technology among the banking and financial industry is a case of the innovation being “over-hyped” according to a senior executive of technology research firm Gartner. As blockchain takes center stage at the annual Swift-organized banking and financial conference Sibos, one technology executive s... - 21 hr 23 min ago
US Central Bank Chair: Blockchain Could Have 'Significant' Impact
The Federal Reserve isn't working on any blockchain applications of its own at this time, according to Fed chair Janet Yellen. Source - 21 hr 29 min ago
Final Countdown: Bitcoin Core's Segwit to be Released After Long Testing
Bitcoin Core's innovative solution designed to scale the Bitcoin network by moving witness data outside of the traditional block structure is finally approaching its release.]]> - 21 hr 46 min ago

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