Bitcoin Price Watch; Volatility Ahead?
The trading day has now drawn to a close out of Europe, and it’s time to take a second look at the bitcoin price markets and see if we can’t outline an intraday strategy for this evening’s session out of Asia. Things have been pretty flat today, and since our intrarange strategy was off the … Continue reading ... - 35 min ago
Moscow to Use Blockchain Tech in ‘Active Citizen’ Project
Government officials in Moscow are willing to explore and implement the potential and uses of blockchain technology in various applications including the Active Citizen project. The city government initiative is a technology-laden program aimed to make citizens of Moscow more inclusive in affecting government decisions. The Departmen... - 1 hr 33 min ago
Tonybet Partners With SpectroCoin to Offer Bitcoin as a Banking Method - Tonybet Partners With SpectroCoin to Offer Bitcoin as a Banking Method Since introducing Bitcoin as a banking method, Tonybet has seen an influx of new customers, one that is larger than anticipated, particularly from new customers hailing from Asian countries where depositing and withdrawing from online g...
Reporter - 1 hr 46 min ago
Bitcoin IRA Gives Away Free Silver to Celebrate $500K Milestone
Bitcoin IRA, an investment service allowing people to make bitcoin part of their retirement portfolios, is celebrating $500,000 USD in total investments since its June 2016 launch. Disclaimer: This article was sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with the firms represented by Bitcoin PR Buzz and is not res... - 2 hr 1 min ago
Bitcoin Price Outlook Above $550 Positive
Bitcoin price pushes higher, again, from horizontal support zone near $560. The outlook remains that the market is engaged in a sideways base formation prior to advance. This analysis is provided by with a 3-hour delay. Read the full analysis here. Not a member? Join now. Bitcoin Price Analysis Time of analysis: 13h00 UTC ... - 2 hr 52 min ago
US Health Department Selects 15 Blockchain Research Contest Winners
The US government's Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) has announced the winners of a blockchain research paper contest. - 3 hr 23 min ago
Blockchain Mythbusters on Why It Needs More Clarity, not Publicity
For Don Tapscott clarity in the Blockchain is essential for it to achieve its potential in moving forward.]]> - 3 hr 48 min ago
Kim DotCom Faces U.S. Extradition, Hearing Will Be Live On YouTube
Kim DotCom is facing an American extradition legal hearing, starting today, and it will be streamed live on YouTube.]]> - 4 hr 16 min ago
The secretive tribunal that corporations use against governments
International corporations have been able to avoid punishment for toxic pollution and worse by appealing to a secretive and little-known international tribunal. It’s called the Investor-State Dispute Settlement program, or ISDS. An 18-month investigation by BuzzFeed raises serious questions about its judgement and its power. The mech... - 4 hr 28 min ago
Should Police Be Able to Take Property Without Charging Owners With a Crime? One Sheriff Race Sho...
In a sheriff’s race in one Oklahoma county, the question of whether police can and should be able to seize people’s property without charging them with a crime emerged as a wedge issue, highlighting the split among law enforcement on a controversial tool known as civil asset forfeiture. In June, voters hit the polls and Visit Should... - 4 hr 44 min ago

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