Burussia de Dortmund ganó con sufrimiento al Mainz - Univision (Comunicado de prensa)
Univision (Comunicado de prensa) Burussia de Dortmund ganó con sufrimiento al Mainz Univision (Comunicado de prensa) Durante el primer tiempo, el Mainz tuvo dos ocasiones claras de empatar a través de Frei, con un remate desde fuera del área en el 25, y de Onisowo, con un disparo desde corta distancia en el 30. La más clara, sin emba...
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Uber Reports Big Losses Caused by Growth First Business Model
Ridesharing giant Uber is bleeding money to the tune of $1.27 billion in the first six months of 2016 because of driver subsidies meant to keep fares low.]]> - 1 hr 37 min ago
Code is Law? Not Quite Yet
Should code be law? In this opinion piece, Lukas Abegg argues there are many scientific hurdles to cross before this is likely to be possible. - 1 hr 42 min ago
Digital Currencies Are Bringing to Reality Hayek’s Free Market Money
“When one studies the history of money one cannot help wondering why people should have put up for so long with governments exercising an exclusive power over 2,000 years that was regularly used to exploit and defraud them. This can be explained only by the myth (that the government prerogative was necessary) becoming so firmly [R... - 1 hr 50 min ago
Best Places to Bet Bitcoins on Trump and Hillary
It’s election season and now it’s time to get active: betting on the 2016 Presidential election in bitcoins is a thing! It’s going to be a wild one, so buckle up. There are still numerous events forthcoming before the election on November 7.  Things could change. In the meantime, we laid out the best places […] The post Best Pl... - 3 hr 37 min ago
Steemit and Ethereum Classic Fad Can Be Over As Newcomers Enter Scene
Two of cryptocurrency's recent darlings, Ethereum Classic and Steemit, are currently on a long slide in price from which they may never recover.]]> - 3 hr 52 min ago
France and Germany Want EU to Ban End-to-End Encryption
Germany and France's interior ministers called on the European Union to establish backdoors in encrypted messaging services.]]> - 5 hr 31 min ago
U.S. Government: Ransomware Attacks Have Quadrupled This Year
Ransomware attacks have quadrupled this year over last year, averaging 4,000 per day, according to the U.S. Justice Department, The Wall Street Journal reported in a front-page story recently. This is because ransomware has become easier to deploy and more profitable than other scams, and bitcoin is more widely used.   The FBI n... - 7 hr 1 min ago
Attack On Krypton a ‘Dry Run’ For Ethereum?
Smart contracts platform Krypton is recovering from a 51 percent attack this week that saw 21,465 of its tokens exchanged for bitcoin and double-spent. Also read: Industry Report: Banks Trying to Beat Bitcoin According to the fledgling project’s founder and project manager Stephanie Kent, the attack was a “two-prong... - 7 hr 45 min ago

Friday, August 26, 2016

Losing 2000 Bitcoins and the potential of $1.8 million - Losing 2000 Bitcoins and the potential of $1.8 million As the J Geils Band said “Love Stinks” and sometimes it can cost you the potential for a lot of money. There was a post recently on Steemit by user “Store” in which he details how he lost 2,000 Bitcoins and the potential for $1.8 million at the peak ...
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