Former NYDFS Regulator and FBI Cryptocurrency Expert Joins K2 Intelligence
Former New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) Regulator Dana Syracuse and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Crypto-Currency Expert Vincent D’Agostino will be joining the regulatory compliance team of K2 Intelligence, a leading compliance and cyber defense company. These two senior executives have served at ... - 2 min ago
Former Secret Service Agent Pleads Guilty In Silk Road Case, Tried To Change Identity
Former U.S. Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges pleaded guilty Monday to money laundering and obstruction of justice while investigating Silk Road, according to Bloomberg. Bridges admitted he stole $820,000 in bitcoins while serving on a Baltimore task force investigating the Silk Road Internet drug emporium. Bridges agreed in June to... - 39 min ago
Rigor Mortis Of The Robo-Machines
Call it the rigor mortis of the robo-machines. About 430 days ago the SP 500 crossed the 1973 mark——-the same point where it settled today. In between there has been endless thrashing as highlighted below. Surely most thinking investors have left the casino by now. So what remains is chart driven trading programs, racing madly up, th... - 58 min ago
Barclays to tap Bitcoin for charity donations
Citigroup and Bank of America are betting on blockchain technology which is widely being seen as the biggest technology disruption in the world of traditional financial services. The Daily Mail echoed the news for its huge readership. It has already been conducting experiments into the digital currency in London-based labs and workin... - 58 min ago
Former US Secret Service agent pleads guilty in Bitcoin theft
A former U.S. Secret Service agent pleaded guilty on Monday to diverting to his personal account over $800,000 worth of bitcoins during an investigation into online drug marketplace Silk Road. Shaun Bridges, 33, appeared in federal court in San Francisco and admitted to money laundering and obstruction of justice. Silk Road operated ... - 59 min ago
New Dictionary Entries Suggest Bitcoin Is Going Mainstream
Bitcoin firms have long been working to get the cryptocurrency into the hands of the general public. With the majority of consumers still hesitant to use digital currencies for fear of being hacked or scammed, bitcoin’s image makeover still has a long way to go. However, it appears that marketing efforts and enthusiasm from the... - 59 min ago
Goldman Sachs Analyst on Blockchain Technology and Asset Ownership
Large companies are currently zooming in on the potential applications of blockchain technology on various industries. In the financial industry, onsline retail giant Overstock has begun experimenting with cryptosecurities and a trade settlement system based on blockchain technology. For Goldman Sachs analyst Heath Terry, the distrib... - 1 hr 2 min ago
Single-Family Offices Are Showing Increasing Interest In Cryptocurrencies - Forbes
Single-Family Offices Are Showing Increasing Interest In Cryptocurrencies Forbes The very wealthy as exemplified by those who have their own family offices appear to be becoming more and more interested in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ripple, and swarm. This is seen in their expressed intent, use, and investments in companies&nb...
Reporter - 1 hr 46 min ago
US Silk Road Agent Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering
A US secret service agent who stole $820,000 worth of bitcoin pled guilty yesterday to money laundering and obstruction of justice. - 2 hr 1 min ago
The Shemitah - Are We Just Days Away From Global Economic Destruction? (Op-Ed)
Recently, a new buzzword has made its way around economic circles as the end of summer 2015 approaches. Some in the financial world call it “The 7-year cycle”. - 2 hr 11 min ago

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